Workshop material

If you are taking my advanced workshops this year you are learning some of my best moves!  These skills will truly deepen your abilities across the board.  They will increase your energetic flow and further perfect your physical form.  They will also take you somewhere new in your personal spiritual cultivation.


the Art of Flexibility

Get flexible in minutes.  Sounds to good to be true?  Not only can you increase your flexibility in a matter of minutes when performing it as Chi Kung, you can simultaneously increase your overall energy by huge orders of magnitude!

You learned A LOT of exercises in this workshop and you learned them in an incredibly short amount of time.  Congratulations you now understand what it means to have mental flexibility as well!  How to assimilate information rapidly as well as letting go and moving on to the next packet of information almost immediately!  While retaining it all!!!

Don't worry if you didn't remember each move we learned.  I am currently videoing each exercise and they will be up on this page by the end of the week.  This is why we practice daily so even our capacity to remember things should be increasing.  Don't rely on these videos too much - believe in yourself!  You got it - just relax and let it flow through you.