Paradigm Shift

Photo by photonewman/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by photonewman/iStock / Getty Images


Those of us born in the West get taught a specific paradigm of disease that encompasses some understanding of biology; we have muscles, bones, joints and tendons and organs and a brain, and all of these can get sick or cause us pain and suffering.  We may "know" we have hormones and neurotransmitters and genes and life experiences all of which may cause us to be sick or in pain if there are too many or too little to go around.  We may believe that there is very little we can do to alter these substances or events other than taking medication or trying a diet or talking to someone who knows more about these areas like a doctor of the body or mind.


From my perspective this representation of the human condition is only one paradigm, or way of thinking of disease.  A single perspective can only offer answers within that way of thinking and may miss opportunities that only exist within a different perspective on physics, biology and the human condition.  In some traditional perspectives on medicine, like Chi Kung Theory and Traditional Chinese medicine, the most fundamental aspect of our physiology and biology - is flowing energy.  This energy movement ensures the continued functioning and renewal and restoration of all tissues and is ultimately intertwined with our thoughts.  In this system the constant repetitive nature of useless or even worrisome and negative intellectual thoughts has a  profound effect on our physical and mental wellbeing.  


Modern physics in the West has finally caught up with the ancient Chinese understanding of the Cosmology of Physiology.  What?  The nature of the Cosmos (Universe) is the same as the nature of the Human Being.  We are flowing energy creating mass, continuously growing, renewing and disintegrating in a never ending cycle.


Not only do we continuously renew and regenerate the very cells in our body all the time, our lives also follow this path of growth and we can in fact renew and even reinvent ourselves every day - or truly in any moment. 


This is why we need this system of "medicine" or "healing" that enables us to directly address this "energy" body we are made of in the Traditional Chinese paradigm.  More importantly it allows us to develop the innate skill of self regeneration by harnessing the power of our deeper Mind, not just our intellect.  Chi Kung teaches us the skill of letting go of the Western representation of muscles and nerves that plague us with pain - Calming the Mind and Opening the Heart to release the trapped energy and tension anywhere in the body and encouraging a healthier flow of energy through the area. Treating the root cause in this perspective we eliminate the "symptoms" experienced due to this blockage to flowing energy.  Regardless of whether the blockage is due to stress and tension tightening muscles or trauma injuring nerves or even poor diet, enhancing the amount and the flow of energy through the body will restore it to optimal functioning.


My Sifu always says "Life is a meaningful flow of Chi".  The practice of Chi Kung is how we work on developing and growing this flow both within our bodies and throughout our lives and relationships ensuring happiness and health for a long time.  


If you understand that a paradigm can be validated by its results - and you believe Western physicists that describe the reality of our "energy" being influenced by our mind and thoughts.   (It is well known now that a particle can be a wave or a point depending on how the experimenter thinks of it.)  Then you learn that ancient masters understood this concept and developed a system to train the mind to control the energy - that gives clear and consistent results of health and happiness. So, wouldn't you be interested in learning this simple, direct and effective way of restoring yourself naturally in an enjoyable 10 minute daily practice?  


As for me, oh yeah.