CHI KUNG FOR RESTORING HEALTH          April 25, 2017

Generate energy flow using the 18 Jewels and 18 Lohan Hands to eliminate disease and restore your health to peak levels.  Simple Direct and Effective way to get healthy fast.

Each 11 week course can stand alone and can bleed directly into the next course.  These classes are always open to brand new students, private session with Christina before joining class is strongly recommended for anyone wishing to cure significant disease but is not mandatory for joining class.  All inquiries should be emailed to me directly and an application filled out and emailed to www.smilingheartstudio.com to be accepted.


1. Stabilize and reverse energy drain from unnecessary energy restrictions like tension in muscles and ligaments from overactive and exhausted nervous systems.  Immediately free up energy to be used to heal disease process instead of holding physical, mental or emotional tension.

2. Increase excretory efficiency of internal organs to relieve body of stress hormones and chemical buildup from medicines, foods and carcinogens from our environment.  Clearing organs of accumulated waste and increasing efficiency frees up energy to be used to fight off pathogens and strengthen our character and resolve.

3.  Create a state of quiet, relaxed awareness where we can become attuned to our own unique state of ease vs stress.  Once we are aware we can begin to increase the inner sense of relaxation and peace that leads to a nourished high functioning spirit with a zest for life.  Eliminating our overreaction to stressors will prevent us from becoming diseased again in the future as well as increase our ability to deeply enjoy our day to day life.


chi kung for vitality

Increase Flexibility and Balance with the 18 Lohan Hands & the 18 Lohan Arts, Strengthen your body and mind with Shaolin Stance Training and One Finger Shooting Zen, Increase your fluidity of movement and centeredness with waist rotation exercises like Fierce Tiger Cleanses Claws.  

Each 11 week course will be a stand alone set of exercises that can be combined into a full health routine that is reinforcing and invigorating.  

The first two 11 week sessions will utilize Shaolin Kung Fu including One Finger Shooting Zen.  The 2nd two courses will utilize Shaolin Tai Chi Chuan, including Grasping Sparrows Tail.

Course must be started on first or second week of course - registration closes after first week.


1. To develop a 20-30 minute daily routine using hand picked selections from Cosmos Chi Kung and Shaolin Tai Chi Chuan and Kung Fu patterns to create a physically fit body, and emotionally fit spirit and a clear sharp mind.

2. All of the benefits of generating energy flow for health as well as the benefits of building internal force to increase vitality and mental clarity and exploring deeper aspects of Zen meditation to more fully appreciate our selves, the natural world and the beautiful connection between them.

3. Get strong, balanced and flexible in our bodies and minds through Cosmos Chi Kung flexibility exercises and Shaolin stance training, waist rotation and balance challenging exercises.  Build energy while challenging your body and mind to stay focused and relaxed at once!

4. Develop the healthy habits and routines to create success in your Shaolin practice of Zen as well as everything else you choose to do in life.