Lifting the Sky, Pushing Mountains, Carrying the Moon

Generating energy flow is the essence of Chi Kung. It is the fundamental skill from which all other Chi Kung skills develop.


One Finger Shooting Zen

Lifting Sun & Moon, Rolling Qi to DanTian

 One-Finger Shooting Zen is a treasure of Shaolin. It develops flowing force and consolidated force. Not only it generates a lot of internal force for combat, it is also excellent for health, vitality, longevity, peak performance and spiritual joys.


Heart to Heart Transmission

Wisdom and playfulness as Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit explains Heart to Heart Transmission - an integral part of the way he teaches and the way we help to pass on his teachings.


meditation and shaolin cosmos chi kung

Countless techniques, two principles. Reduce to One, Expand to Zero...



Cloud hands

grasp sparrows tail

This is the 24-Pattern Simplified Taijiquan Set. Although it is called a simplified set, it contains all the important techniques in Taijiquan. Grandmaster Wong added two patterns, Elbow Strike and Shoulder Strike, to the set so that it included all the thirteen fundamental techniques of Taijiquan. In our school, this set is called "Cloud Hands Grasp Sparrow".


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