Cosmos Tai Chi Chuan for

vitality & flow

18 Lohan Arts 6:30-8:00 PM


2019 Course Dates

  • January 8th & 22nd

  • February 5th & 19th

  • March 5th & 19th

  • April 2nd & 16th

  • May 7th & 21st

  • August 6th & 20th

  • September 3rd & 17th

  • October 1st & 15th

  • November 5th Special Class TBA

Generating Abundant Flow With Cosmos Chi Kung & Tai Chi Chuan

This year is all about flow. Using Cloud Hands as our base we will continue to explore our ability to develop tremendous energetic strength, incredible relaxed balance and easy flexibility while going one step further and focusing our minds on flowing abundance. Using our art to make us not just healthier and happier but easier all the way around.   The 18 Lohan Arts are a bridge between gentle Chi Kung exercises and powerful Shaolin stance training and skills and will continue to be our techniques of choice to develop internal force and balance. Using cloud hands and developing a flowing routine using flexibility exercises, strength and balance exercises and managing to flow fluidly and powerfully from one to the next we will learn to develop personalized practice routines to focus on all these parts of ourselves and more..  Take your practice to the next level and increase your physical, energetic and mental strength and balance and challenge yourself to increase the flow of all good thing in your body and life!