Medical Chi Kung for

health & happiness

18 Lohan Hands & 18 Therapeutic Exercises

6:30-8:00 PM


2019 Course Dates:

  • January 15th & 29th

  • Feb 12th & 26th

  • Mar 12th & 26th

  • April 9th & 23rd

  • Makeup session on April 30th

Generating Energy Flow & Standing Zen Meditation

These courses on using Cosmos Chi Kung to fully restore your health and vitality are for beginners and advanced students. This is where we learn the most fundamental skills for developing a successful daily practice of Chi Kung. We learn to enter the Chi Kung state of Mind, generate a flow of energy through our body and quiet our minds to experience the joy and peacefulness of Standing Zen Meditation. Achieve radiant health, a happy and relaxed Mind and Body and reawaken your natural skills for self healing using a simple 10 minute routine every day. I ask that all students new to Shaolin Wahnam Cosmos Chi Kung commit for at least a 1/2 year Pass. This is 12 hours of direct training with me over a 4-8 month period. If you are unsatisfied after four months of practice you may have your money back! This simple, subtle and unbelievably effective tool will show results on your very first day of training! Free yourself from the modern tyranny of medicine and learn to keep yourself healthy AND happy all on your own.